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RA - Samurai's Charge T-Shirt

Rogues Apparel Samurai's Charge T-Shirt

🐎⚔️ Unleash the power of the Samurai with our Mounted Samurai t-shirt! ⚔️🐎

Prepare to witness the unstoppable force of a warrior on horseback, charging into battle with unwavering determination. This t-shirt showcases a stunning design of a Mounted Samurai, embodying the essence of bravery, strength, and honor. With his steed galloping forward, the Samurai holds his weapon high, ready to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. 🏇🗡️

The Mounted Samurai represents the indomitable spirit of a warrior who never wavers in the face of adversity. With each thundering hoofbeat, he epitomizes the relentless pursuit of victory and the unwavering commitment to his cause. The Samurai's unwavering loyalty to the path of honor and his willingness to shed blood for his beliefs are symbolized in this powerful image. ⚔️❤️

Our t-shirt design captures the essence of this iconic warrior, highlighting the intricate details of his armor, the elegance of his horse, and the intensity in his gaze. The colors and textures bring the scene to life, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of ancient battles and the code of the samurai. 🎨👕

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, our Mounted Samurai t-shirt is made from high-quality materials, ensuring both comfort and durability. The classic fit and soft feel make it perfect for everyday wear or for showcasing your admiration for the Samurai's legacy. The available colors range from vibrant light blue to a sleek light grey for larger sizes, ensuring a style that suits your taste. 💙👕

Whether you're a history enthusiast, a fan of Japanese culture, or simply drawn to the powerful symbolism of the Samurai, our Mounted Samurai t-shirt is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. Wear it proudly and let the world know that you stand with honor, courage, and the unwavering spirit of a warrior. ⚔️🌟

Embrace the spirit of the Samurai and ride into battle with our Mounted Samurai t-shirt. Order now and experience the power and resilience of these legendary warriors. Let the Mounted Samurai inspire you to embrace your own inner strength and forge your path with unwavering determination. Join the ranks of those who honor the code of the warrior and claim your shirt today! 🐎⚔️


*2x-4x will be on light grey if light blue is not available.

RA - Samurai's Charge T-Shirt

  • Care Instructions

    • Turn the shirt inside out before washing on a warm or cool setting.
    • Do Not Iron
  • Fabric Information

     Enjoy our super-soft-shirts, hand-printed with love for each piece. "From Our Hands to Yours"

    We use two different types of fabric in our shop

    65% Polyester / 35% Ringspun Cotton:

    Our 65% polyester / 35% ringspun cotton fabric is the perfect blend of softness and durability. With its breathable properties, this fabric is ideal for a wide range of applications, from casual wear to sports and active wear. Pre-laundered to prevent shrinkage, this fabric offers a consistent fit and long-lasting quality. Its super silky texture and lightweight design make it a comfortable choice for any occasion. Experience the perfect blend of softness and durability with our 65/35 polyester-cotton blend fabric today.


    60% Ringspun Cotton / 40% Polyester: 

    Our 60% combed ring-spun cotton 40% polyester fabric is the perfect blend of comfort and durability. With a lived-in feel that everyone loves, this top-of-the-line fabric is designed to stand up to consistent wear and maintain its quality over time. Ideal for a variety of applications, from casual wear to active wear, this fabric is a versatile choice that is sure to meet your needs. Experience the comfort and durability of our 60/40 cotton-polyester blend today.

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